The Reading Landscape Research Group was initiated in June 2014 by Susan Brind (Reader in Contemporary Art: Practice & Events, Department of Sculpture & Enviromental Art) and Nicky Bird (Reader in Contemporary Photographic Practice, School of Fine Art).  The research group, based in GSA’s School of Fine Art (SoFA), provides a context for Fine Art practice and other cross disciplinary research interests through a programme of research seminars, and knowledge exchange in addition to practice-led research projects.

The Group’s aims are to:

  • Enable the opportunity for critical discourse around the overarching theme of ‘Reading Landscape’ and its relationship to Fine Art;
  • Extend debate beyond the confines of the Group to other Schools within GSA;
  • Participate in critical discourse with practitioners and academics from disciplines beyond Art, Design & Architecture;
  • Engage with discourse nationally and internationally;
  • Nurture possible partnerships and inter-disciplinary collaborations;
  • Make public their research to local, national and international audiences through talks, research visits, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and publications.

‘Reading Landscape’ Research Themes

  • People and Place
  • Landscape and Embodiment
  • Landscape, History and Transformation (including Preservation and Heritage)
  • Wild spaces (including Forests, the North)
  • Mapping
  • Journeying as Fieldwork
  • Contentious / Coded Landscapes  (including Conservation and Ecology)

The Group:

Nicky Bird (School of Fine Art)

Susan Brind (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Jenny Brownrigg (GSA Exhibitions)

Justin Carter (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Alan Currall (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Marianne Greated (Painting)

Elizabeth Hodson (Fine Art Critical Studies)

James Hutchinson (Fine Art Critical Studies)

Christina McBride (Photography)

Aoife McGarrigle (TSD Print)

Michael McGraw (Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice)

Shauna McMullan (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Michael Mersinis  (Fine Art Photography)

Nalini Paul (Fine Art Critical Studies)

Lesley Punton  (Fine Art Photography)

Frances Robertson (Design, History & Theory)

Ross Sinclair (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Michael Stumpf (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Amanda Thomson (Painting & Printmaking)

Gina Wall (GSA Highlands & Islands)

Hugh Watt (Media Studio)

Catherine Weir (Interaction Design / Design History & Theory)

TOP IMAGE: Susan Brind, Practicing Landscape, November, 2015
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