Timeline of Activities


1 September 2022

Co-founder & Coordinator Nicky Bird leaves GSA

15 June 2022

Reading Landscape meeting: Planning for 2022-23

New member: James Hutchinson

10 June 2022

Practicing Landscape: Landscapes of Energy and Extraction (Session 4)

We are Compost / Composting the We: Margarita Certeza Garcia and Désirée Coral. Chair: Sue Brind

13 April 2022

Reading Landscape meeting: Planning Discussion for Session 4 of Landscapes of Energy and Extraction

New members: Michael McGraw Catherine Weir

18 March 2022

Practicing Landscape: Landscapes of Energy and Extraction (Session 3)

Landscape As Archive: With Dr Gina Wall and Dr Alex Hale (Historic Environment Scotland) Chair: Professor Ross Sinclair

9 February 2022

Reading Landscape meeting: Initial discussion of ideas towards an RSE network bid, publication emerging from the Practicing Landscape – online symposium (2020-21) and seminars (2021-22); and introduction to GSA Highlands & Islands Altyre Campus by Gina Wall. Research presentation by new member Nalini Paul


26 November 2021

Practicing Landscape: Landscapes of Energy and Extraction (Session 2)

Mining the Animal: With Michael Mersinis, Dr Elizabeth Hodson. Respondent: Jim Harold

24 November 2021

Reading Landscape meeting: Final planning for Mining the Animal and Research presentation by new member Aoife McGarrigle

Mac Research Symposium: Reading Landscape, Writing the Urban, and Key Essays with Sue Brind, Federica Giardino and Johnny Rodger

29 October 2021

Practicing Landscape: Landscapes of Energy and Extraction (Session 1)

Material Agency and Meaning: Justin Carter, Onya McCausland and Dr Dr. Danny McNally in conversation. Chair: Landscapes of Energy and Extraction [Link to post to be added]

6 October 2021

Reading Landscape meeting: Preparation meeting for forthcoming online seminars

22 June 2021

Reading Landscape meeting: Planning for Practicing Landscape: Landscapes of Energy and Extraction Online Seminar Series for 2021-2022

28 April 2021

Reading Landscape meeting: Members’ discussion of works in progress and the use of Padlet

31 March 2021

Recordings launched: ‘Practicing Landscape: Land, Histories and Transformation’, Symposium 2020

27 January 2021

Reading Landscape meeting: Updates on Practicing Landscape exhibition and online symposium; captioning and preparation for online resource; mutual support re: COVID-19


6 November – 11 December 2020

Practicing Landscape:  Land, Histories & Transformation online symposium 

7 October 2020

Reading Landscape meeting: exhibition debrief, Online symposium update, new members and activities in the new academic year plan in the light of COVID-19

2 June 2020

Reading Landscape meeting: rescheduling symposium as online series of events discussion

19 – 20 March 2020

Practicing Landscape:  Land, Histories & Transformation symposium at The Lighthouse, Glasgow.  Postponed due to COVID-19.  

26 February 2020

Seminar with postgraduate students of MLitt Art Writing, GSA on Site Writing.

Led by Susan Brind, Dr Gina Wall, Dr Jim Harold and Dr Alex Hale (Historic Environment Scotland) in relation to research at Scalan Mills.

20 January – 22 March 2020

Practicing Landscape:  Land, Histories & Transformation exhibition at The Lighthouse, Glasgow  

February 2020

54 proposals are peer-reviewed for Symposium. 12 speakers selected. Symposium Keynote Speakers announced: Ingrid Pollard and Louise Purbrick.


December 2019

RDF Leadership Development funding secured for the exhibition Practicing Landscape:  Land, Histories and Transformation. Calls for papers for the companion symposium announced. Reading Landscape Curatorial Subgroup planning at the Lighthouse.

19 November 2019

Practicing Landscape:  Land, Histories and Transformation Exhibition & Symposium planning and development meeting.

18 November 2019

Dialogue:  Navigating Forbidden Zones – Aydin Mehmet Ali and Gregoris Ioannou. Stow Building, GSA

In this round-table DialogueNavigating Forbidden Zones, Aydin Mehmet Ali discussed her work as an intellectual activist and her experience of setting up Cyclists Across Barriers to unite the city of Nicosia and sabotage official narratives, and to overcome physical, geographic, emotional, mental, psychological, historical, language, gender, age… barriers.  Providing background for the discussion, Gregoris Ioannou, gave a condensed history of the context and the content of the Cyprus problem from the 1950s until today focusing on the political origins and the social consequences of the Cyprus division – The making of a frozen conflict: construction, maintenance and contestation of division in Cyprus; outlining the key historical moments and events and the main actors that have shaped contemporary Cyprus and its landscape.

1-3 November 2019 

CHAT conference (Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory) at Museum of London, Docklands.

Co-presentation by Susan Brind and Dr Alex Hale (Historic Environment Scotland) of a collaboratively written conference contribution (peer reviewed) co-authored by Hale, Brind & Dr Jim Harold, Jenny Brownrigg, Birthe Jorgensen and Dr Gina Wall.

25 October 2019

The Nature of Place, Architecture in Ruins, School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art.

Co- presentations by Reading Landscape members Nicky Bird, Marianne Greated and Christina McBride to students across Years 1-5 and staff in School of Architecture.

5 June 2019

Research presentation by Hugh Watt; and Practicing Landscape Symposium planning.

22 May 2019

Practicing Landscape Symposium planning meeting.

5 – 7 April 2019

6 April ‘Celebrating Scalan’ workshop was part of a collaborative research project with Historic Environment ScotlandScalan Mills Project (Crown  Estate Scotland),  Scalan AssociationTomintoul Glenlivet Landscape Partnership (TGLP), and Glasgow School of Art. During the public workshop, we used community mapping, sound recording, photography  and archaeology site survey methods to encourage participants to reflect on this unique heritage site in different ways. Susan Brind, Gina Wall, Jenny Brownrigg, Alex Hale (Historic Environment Scotland). 

March 2019

New Member: Michael Stumpf

5 March 2019

Research presentation by Dr Gina Wall; and overview of Practicing Landscape exhibition proposals.

28 February 2019

Practicing Landscape Curatorial sub-group meeting.

9 January 2019

Research presentation Freeze and thaw, freeze and thaw  by Jenny Brownrigg; and Practicing Landscape exhibition and symposium planning (Reid Gallery, forthcoming 9 Nov – 20 Dec 2019). The creation of a curatorial subgroup (Jenny Brownrigg, Christina McBride, Shauna McMullan, Lesley Punton and Ross Sinclair) to review proposals and works to shape next steps. The conference subgroup (Nicky Bird, Sue Brind Frances Roberston and Gina Wall) to work on a draft theme and Call for Papers plus budgeting.

Jan 2019-Dec 2020

3M_DO 2019:  Research Network of archaeologists and artists funded through Historic Environment Scotland by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

Susan Brind, Jenny Brownrigg, Dr Gina Wall, Dr Jim Harold invited by Alex Hale (HES) to contribute to the research network as ‘core participants’.  A series of four network meetings in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Orkney and Edinburgh took place over the course of the year to explore the meaning of Contemporary Archaeology. 


31 October 2018

Reading Landscape meeting at Woodlands Community Centre: presentation by Ross Sinclair

17 October 2018

Reading Landscape meeting at Woodlands Community Centre: discussion of key themes, and timeline for a November-December 2019 exhibition/conference plan. Three 10-minute presentations of the key issues within current work: Nicky Bird, Christina McBride and Justin Carter. 

12 September 2018

Reading Landscape meeting at Woodlands Community Centre: seven 10min presentations of the key issues within current work: Susan Brind, Alan Currall, Marianne Greated, Michail Merinis, Shauna McMullan, Lesley Punton and Frances Robertson.

20 June 2018

Reading Landscape meeting discussing next steps for 2018-2019: members to prepare 10 minutes on their own work; re-consideration of the group’s key themes; exhibition & scale/size of accompanying symposium and impacts on original schedule for Autumn 2019; possible keynotes, connections to early career researchers and Through a Northern Landscape.

15 June 2018: The Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building Fire

7-10 June 2018

Inter-disciplinary Fieldwork at Scalan Mills, Moray: Susan Brind, Gina Wall, Jenny Brownrigg, Alex Hale (Historic Environment Scotland), Birthe Jorgensen (artist)
This fieldwork took place at Scalan Mill, Moray, Scotland, in June 2018. The mill is located on the north edge of the Cairngorm massive, in a post industrial and rural landscape. The fieldwork primarily links to ‘Reading Landscape’ research themes of people and place; landscape, history and transformation. The research collaboration has arisen through a dialogue with Alex Hale, Archaeologist based with Historic Environment Scotland because he is interested in what archaeologists might learn from artists in relation to alternative methods they use to examine the nature of site and place. This fieldwork is proposed as an experiment to test the possibilities for knowledge exchange, and new methods to emerge as a result.

6 June 2018

Small Islands: Reading Landscape Seminar with introduction to Law, Arts & Island Resilience project by Francesco Sindico and PhD students from Strathclyde Dept of Environmental Law and Governance (SCELG); followed by knowledge exchange presentations on art practice in remote locations: Questions, Strategies and Approaches: Contemporary Art Practice in relation to land and place, Monica Laiseca Nunez and Justin Carter; Active Partnerships, examples of working in collaboration with island arts organisations, Jenny Brownrigg; The Leaky University: Creative Education and Island Life, Gina Wall; Resoundings: A Collaborative Project on Lewis and Iona, Hugh Watt; On an Island’s Edge: Travelling the Archive. An Atlas Arts Project, Isle of Skye, Nicky Bird

17- 20 March 2018

‘Practicing Landscape 2 – Loch Ossian Fieldwork’:  This fieldwork trip was a practice-led, action-research project undertaken by members of the Reading Landscape Research Group in March 2018, as a continuation of the group’s first “practicing landscape” trip which took the group to the Cairngorms, Aberdeen, Helmsdale and Orkney in November 2015. This second fieldwork component was organised and facilitated by Lesley Punton to enable the group to further engage with planning and developing the groups aims, to further conversation and dialogue around future projects, and to provide a supportive peer network to discuss research areas of interest. This included discussions on a joint Reading Landscape / Through a Northern Lens Conference and an exhibition: Lesley Punton, Susan Brind, Nicky Bird, Christina McBride, Frances Robertson, Jenny Brownrigg, Michail Mersinis, Hugh Watt and Alan Currall. 

New member: Frances Robertson

24 January 2018

Planning for forthcoming fieldwork trip to Loch Ossian.


29 November 2017

Presentations by Dr Gina Wall and Michail Mersinis.

11 October 2017 

Half-day Seminar at Pollok House with resident artists participating in ‘Cabinet Interventions’ project on the theme of landscape and ‘wilding’ language. (Now managed by the National Trust, Pollok House was formerly the Glasgow home of Sir John Stirling-Maxwell, founder of the Forestry Commission.). Presentations by Jasper Coppes, Ruth Barker, and Susan Brind & Dr Jim Harold.

26 June 2017

Networking: visit and presentations to Reading Landscape from practice-led Researchers from the University of Bergen, Norway

14 June 2017

Reading Landscape planning meeting for 2017-18: focus for seminars, field trip to Loch Ossian, proposal for Symposium in late 2018.

1 February 2017

Presentations by Hugh Watt and Alan Currall

24 January 2017 

Presentation by Dr Gina Wall on the Reading Landscape Group at the University of Oslo, Norway.


11 October 2016

Two new members: Alan Currall and Gina Wall at planning meeting for 2016-2017 including members’ approval of edited material from Practicing Landscape, development of website and development towards a series of Process & Practice presentations by individual group members over coming months.

21 April 2016

Presentation on Reading Landscape Research Group at GSA’s Festival of Ideas Research Week, including presentations by Nicky Bird, Jenny Brownrigg and Michail Mersinis.

24 February 2016

Research Presentation to School of Fine Art:  Practicing Landscape 1 –  Research Journey. Followed by group meeting: Jenny Brownrigg’s critical curatorial response to members’ works. Group discussion on Practising Landscape 1 from documentation, to identifying scope for development of aspects of research undertaken on the journey for various forms of outputs.

26 January 2016

Reading Landscape meeting: discuss of documentation from Practicing Landscape research journey, plus relationship of individual projects to the field trip; dates for forthcoming members’ presentations and the group’s involvement in the GSA’s Spring Festival of Ideas.


1-7 November 2015

Practising Landscape 1- Peripatetic Seminar Series: ‘Practising Landscape’ was a practice-led, action-research project undertaken by 9 members of the Reading Landscape Research Group (1-7 November 2015). Beginning in Glasgow, the journey passed through the Cairngorms, to Aberdeen, Helmsdale and on to Orkney. The choice of route being, firstly, determined through an extensive mapping exercise based on the Reading Landscape research group members sharing knowledge and divergent research-practice interests in specific sites; and, secondly, for its productive connections to an extended network of artists, anthropologists and curators working cross disciplines within specific locations en route. The project’s methodology incorporated subject specialist-led seminars with external collaborators, discursive workshops, site visits, production of visual materials, photography, documentation and reflexive curation. Susan Brind, Nicky Bird, Justin Carter, Marianne Greated, Christina McBride, Shauna McMullan, Lesley Punton, Michail Mersinis, Amanda Thomson and Hugh Watt. 

7 & 20 October 2015

Final preparation meetings for November field trip.

June-October 2015

Successful Funding bid followed by itinerary of travelling from Glasgow to Orkney, and on-location seminar planning with external collaborators. New member Hugh Watt.

May 2015

Research Development Funding Application developed for Practicing Landscape 1 and seminar collaborators from Aberdeen to Orkney are secured.

March 2015

Seminar presentation by Drew Mulholland (musician in residence) University of Glasgow, Deptof Human Geography on his research into Sound and Psycho-geography.

January 2015 

Rationales for different forms of output identified; meetings with GSA Research Office to identify scope for Research Development Funding (RDF) in relation to identified research interests for the group; mapping exercise to identify shared knowledge and research interests in relation to localities.


16 December  2014

The Living Mountain, Nan Shepherd, (1977): close reading of ‘Being’, the final chapter of Shepherd’s The Living Mountain.

5 November 2014

Key themes identified from individual presentations; and discussion of the values of mapping places members have travelled to and/or of interest; identifying other networks; conferences, residencies, exhibitions and publications as different forms of research outputs.

31 October 2014

A Discursive Reading List created from group members and key collaborators from ‘In a place like that.’

17 September 2014

Reading Landscape Research Group established. Series of short presentations How does your research/practice link into landscape? (Nicky Bird, Sue Brind, Jenny Brownrigg, Justin Carter Marianne Greated, Christina McBride, Mick McGraw, Shauna McMullan, Michail Merinis, Lesley Punton, Amanda Thomson, Ross Sinclair, and Duncan Higgins) programmed as part of ‘In a place like that’, 16-21 September, Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art.

June 2014

Fourteen individuals from the School of Fine Art attend first meeting.

May 2014

Reading Landscape initiated by Sue Brind and Nicky Bird.

TOP IMAGE: Susan Brind, Practicing Landscape, November, 2015

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