Cabinet Interventions, Pollok House

This research project explored the relationship between historic and contemporary representations of Scottish national identity and landscapes and how these get articulated through our cultural institutions and national collections. A collaboration between contemporary artists and The National Trust for Scotland, and located within Pollok House, Cabinet Interventions developed new and original research into the role, potentials and limitations of material culture in defining place.

Through the cultivation of an artist led, practice based, research group, artists interpreted, questioned and responded to the context of, and collections within Pollok House, creating contemporary objects, events and environments that framed and initiated new dialogues, and contributed to the future, creative, cultural consciousness of
Pollok House and The National Trust for Scotland. Specific to this application were dedicated artist research residencies within the House, and workshops at the conclusion of the residency period.

These ran from Summer 2017 – Winter 2018, culminating in an exhibition by the participating artist-researchers in Pollok House, in Spring 2018.

Participating artists were: Ruth Barker, Susan Brind & Jim Harold, Jasper Coppes, Alan Currall, Sarah Forrest, Shona Macnaughton, Duncan Marquiss,
Shauna McMullan and Joanna Peace.

Project organised by: Shauna McMullan, Susan Brind, Joanna Peace (The Glasgow School of Art), Karen Cornfield (Pollok House), The National Trust for Scotland

‘Cabinet Interventions’ was funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

‘Buzzard Feedback’, 2018, Duncan Marquiss. Sound work with car. Photo: Bastian Thuesen.
‘Reflections on family portrait with self-portrait’, 2018, Alan Currall. Single-channel video. Photo: Bastian Thuesen.
‘I gladly strained my eyes to follow you’, 2018, Shauna McMullan. Guided tour with commissioned texts. Photo: Bastian Thuesen.
‘A cheek, the side of a nose, the white of an eye, the curve of an ear’, 2018, Sarah Forrest. Performance reading. Photo: Bastian Thuesen.
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