Exhibiting Artists: Michail Mersinis

Michail Mersinis
‘The Going of Snow #1-#80′, 2018; Reversal film Kodak Carousel Slide Projector
Photo: Jack McCombe

Two research outputs were presented by Michail Mersinis in Practicing Landscape: Land, Histories and Transformation. These built on Mersinis’ research enquiry on the questioning of a Photographic image when the site is subject to liminal changes.   The first, ‘The going of snow’ takes the form of an analogue slide show made of 80 images. The work was made in the duration of a day during the research trip to Loch Ossian, and is a response to the landscape directly, the conditions that alter the perception and its appearance. The images progress from light to dark to light and attempt to address the Deleuzian notion of time-image, albeit in singular form, the optical qualities aspire to speak to the qualities of recollection both as manifestations of image as well as manifestation of the appearance of the landscape in transition between seasons. 

The second work is made of a composite of 7 individual works, all made in the summer of 2019, as part of an ongoing project that questions the agency of the photographic image. These works were made during earthquake season. The works question the apparent subject of the photographic, as each was determined (optically and technically) by the duration of an earthquake. Negating the immediately unidentifiable subject matter, the coexistence of fragments of time-exposure and space propose question of the simultaneity, coexistence and fragmentary representation of events that take place outside of an image plane, and find themselves in an uncertain representational state. 

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