Exhibiting Artists: Susan Brind and Jim Harold

Susan Brind and Jim Harold’s contribution to Practicing Landscape: Land, Histories and Transformation comprises three elements: ‘Looking South – Facing North’, a painted area of wall and vinyl text; 3 x Digital Photographic prints from within the Cyprus Buffer Zone, also known as the ‘Dead Zone’; and Letter worksa selection of letters specifically relating to Cyprus, extracted from a larger series of works known as ‘Coffee Letters’.  The artists are interested in the politics of landscape and our physical experience of place.  This specific body of work relates to their visits to the UN De-militarized Buffer Zone in Cyprus, a country which has been divided since 1974 and contains the only politically divided city in Europe.  This new configuration of work is part of an ongoing collaborative project with CCFT (Creative Centre for Fluid Territories, People, Places and Processes, an international research grouping started in 2016).  The differing modes of representation presented here aim to de-stabilise any singular reading of place within what is a very complex political history. It also enters the Buffer Zone itself as a liminal space of otherness.  

Susan Brind and Jim Harold
‘Untitled – from the ‘Coffee Letters’ series’, 2000 ongoing; Archival digital print on paper, presented on lecterns and table.
Photo: Jack McCombe

TOP IMAGE: Susan Brind and Jim Harold,‘Untitled – from the ‘Buffer Zone’ series’, 2016; Three archival digital prints. Photo: Jack McCombe

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