Exits and Entrances

To find audience-facing forms for translating an ongoing dialogue, between artist and writer, around ideas of the invention of a romantic mythos of a specific landscape.

Alan Currall (The Glasgow School of Art) and Professor Emeritus Colin Cruise (Aberystwyth University)

Over the course of a year, and along a regular walking route, Currall produced a series of photographs of small, but modestly spectacular, hill pools in the Scottish Southern Uplands. These pools, formed as a result of historical lead mining activity in the area, sit atop the hill that stands behind Currall’s home.

When a friend and former tutor, Emeritus Professor of Art History, Colin Cruise saw these photographs he felt compelled to respond through a collection of poems written from the perspective of these pools. Currall’s own existing research around ideas of knowledge, belief and perception found a provocative foil in Cruise’s interest in the Romantic, and the imaginative potential of invented mythology. During an extended period of dialogue they worked on several ideas for the future development of this project, which may include a publication and/or exhibition.

In this particular work, for the Practicing Landscape: Land, Histories and Transformation exhibition, Currall has reworked a number of these photographs for video, and created a soundtrack to accompany Cruise’s own readings of a selection of his poems.

Installation View. Alan Currall, ‘Exits and Entrances’, 2020; Video with sound (20 mins)
Photo: Jack McCombe

Exits and Entrances, 2020 from Alan Currall on Vimeo.

TOP IMAGES: Alan Currall, stills from the video Exits and Entrances, (2020)

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